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Heng Phen is released on bail, but being watched by the police

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“We will always protect our land. We will keep fighting to find a solution if someone tries to take the land. I recently got out of jail, but there are still lingering land issues. However, because it is the land of our ancestors, we shall all unite as one to struggle with the court to reclaim it. The accusation that I have encroached on the company property is demonstrably untrue because we have used this land for many generations, starting with our ancestors. Therefore, from this point on, let all institutions and leaders assist in recognizing our community land.” said Heng Phen in a video clip following her release on bail on Thursday, June 30.

The Kampong Thom court charged Mrs. Heng Phen with “committing violence against a real estate occupant” and ordered her to be held in detention in June 14. On June 30, Phen was released on bail and freed. She is now subject to district police surveillance and must appear in court once a month for the next three months.

When Phen was finally allowed back into the neighborhood, people flocked to her support to express their solidarity.

Prior to her release, the villagers arranged a traditional prayer for her freedom; eventually, she was let out of jail in accordance with their wishes.