Make IPs voices heard everywhere

Cambodia has ratified and adopted a number of legal frameworks for indigenous peoples, such as the 2001 Land Law, the 2002 Forestry Law, the 2008 National Policy on the Development of Indigenous Peoples, and the 2009 Sub-Decree on Procedures of Registration of Land of Indigenous Communities. These legal frameworks recognize the rights of indigenous peoples to collective land ownership, cultural identity, natural resources management, and participation in decision-making processes. However, there are still many challenges and gaps in the implementation and enforcement of these legal frameworks, such as the lack of clear guidelines, the slow and complex procedures, the limited capacity and resources, and the conflicting interests of various stakeholders. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the legal protection and empowerment of indigenous peoples in Cambodia, by enhancing their awareness and advocacy, improving their access to justice and remedies, and promoting their participation and representation in relevant institutions and mechanisms.

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