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As a member of the Cambodia ICT and Digital Forum (CamIDF), I had an opportunity to apply for the Paris Peace Forum (PPF) program for the first time. I was selected to attend the fifth edition of the Forum under a project titled “Open Data for Indigenous and Ethnic Minority” and it is a rare opportunity. As indigenous people (IP), I believe we would greatly benefit from this project because it will improve our access to data, information, and self-governance. Additionally, it was displayed on the global stage and viewed globally. I had a chance to …

Despite many hurdles, indigenous Jarai Rochom Munny refused to wed at 14 and is instead pursuing a career in technology, with the aim of inspiring female members of her community to follow in her footsteps. Read the full story at: INTERVIEW-First Indigenous Female in Tech Education | Kiripost

José Francisco Calí Tzay 21 March 2024 As you all know today 21 March marks a very special day.  Today is the United Nations Day on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination because on 21 March 1960, police in South Africa opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration in Sharpevil…

A microfinance credit officer in Ratanakiri recently told me he thought Cambodia’s Indigenous communities would be landless in the next 10 years, as they sell off their land to pay off loans. His worrying prediction comes in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, when financial instability pushed even more people in the country to take on debt. Many local community members, including Indigenous communities, have borrowed money from banks and microfinance institutions to buy land, pay for medical expenses, build houses, fund farms, carry out religious ceremonies and pay school tuition. But many of these communities are struggling to pay back their debt. As of 2022, 

The E-Sak Ka Ou Declaration calls attention to the key role of Indigenous peoples to (as well as the challenges they face from) climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation programs. A word meaning ‘gill of the manta ray’ and released ahead of COP28 last year by Asian Indigenous leaders, the E-Sak Ka Ou Declaration is a reminder of what remains undone toward upholding the rights of Indigenous communities. Commitments at the global level to recognize Indigenous knowledge and protect communities’ rights must also be reflected in regional and national policy frameworks, a new op-ed argues. This post is a commentary. T…

Mondulkiri provincial court on Monday questioned NGO rights group Adhoc official and four Bunong natives after land brokers and fellow villagers filed a defamation and incitement complaint against them. The complaint was made after the suspects submitted evidence of chopped trees and encroachment by the plaintiffs, made up of land brokers and a few villagers. Read the full article at: Mondulkiri Court Questions Adhoc Official, Four Bunong Natives After They File Evidence of Forest Clearing  | CamboJA News

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