The project is located along the Marsayandi Corridor, mainly in <a href=”″>Lamjung and Manang, Western Nepal</a>. The transmission line is planned to be built specifically in villages such as the Bajhakhet village. The 220 kV transmission lines is designed to supply electricity generated from Masryangdi into the national transmission system and has been described as a ‘national pride project. The budget for the project is estimated to be around $200000000, and has received financial backing from The European Investment Bank (around 100 million Euro), and Investment from the Nepalese Government, with construction being undertaken by the <a href=””>Nepal Electricity Authority</a>. The project has raised concerns due to the impact it will have on indigenous communities upon whose land the transmission lines will be built. In particular, the intimidation tactics employed by police and other public officials, as well as the lack of prior consultation carried out with affected communities in advance of the construction beginning, and the proper obtaining of free prior and informed consent, have been raised as key issues.